A day in the life of Pope Benedict

A day in the life of Pope Benedict

Catholic World News gives a charming and insightful look into the daily life of Pope Benedict (subscribers only) including that he keeps his apartments more private than Pope John Paul II did. Not that either way is better or worse, it’s just another sign of the different personality.

It notes that the Pope’s desk has only an old white phone, a pad of paper, a pencil, an icon of the Virgin and Child, and a statue of St. Joseph on it. I wonder how long before a pope has a computer on his desk. Not for a long time I bet, probably a pope who’s not even a priest yet. Oh and there’s a porcelain cat on the desk, apparently in lieu of the real cats the Holy Father is fond of.

We also learn about many of the Pope’s staff and aides, including Msgr. Gaenswain, his secretary, and the four lay women who maintain the apartment.

We’re told he relaxes in the afternoon after lunch, often by playing piano. I’d love to hear him play. He’s a Mozart fan, of course.

All in all, it seems the Holy Father is settling into his new life, as he passes the eight-month anniversary of his election.

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Domenico Bettinelli