Why I don’t listen to global warming zealots.

Why I don’t listen to global warming zealots.

Here’s why I don’t take the global warming zealots seriously. Because they don’t take it seriously. They predict dire consequences if we all don’t stop using electricity yet they offer no solutions.

If things were as bad as they claim, they’d demand that half of all cars get pulled off the road and half the coal-power plants be shut down immediately. Instead the hoi polloi drive their Priuses while their celebrity leaders fly coast to coast and buy carbon offsets which are, at best, energy neutral. Instead they block all attempts at building electricity generating capacity that doesn’t produce hydrocarbons.

Wind power? Forget it. Blocks the view and chews up birds. Hydroelectric? No way. Dams up river ecosystems. Nuclear power? Now you’re just crazy, man. Like, ain’t you never heard of the “China syndrome”, man, or Chernobyl?

So what’s the alternative?

As I said, I’ll consider taking it seriously when they do. They can have my internal combustion engine and electric-powered appliances, when Al Gore ditches his fancy mansion for pre-Industrial Age digs. In other words, never.

Oh, and I still haven’t received an explanation for why the same scientists warning about global warming today were all claiming back in the 1970s that we faced a new ice age.

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