Why I don’t listen to global warming zealots.

Why I don’t listen to global warming zealots.

Here’s why I don’t take the global warming zealots seriously. Because they don’t take it seriously. They predict dire consequences if we all don’t stop using electricity yet they offer no solutions.

If things were as bad as they claim, they’d demand that half of all cars get pulled off the road and half the coal-power plants be shut down immediately. Instead the hoi polloi drive their Priuses while their celebrity leaders fly coast to coast and buy carbon offsets which are, at best, energy neutral. Instead they block all attempts at building electricity generating capacity that doesn’t produce hydrocarbons.

Wind power? Forget it. Blocks the view and chews up birds. Hydroelectric? No way. Dams up river ecosystems. Nuclear power? Now you’re just crazy, man. Like, ain’t you never heard of the “China syndrome”, man, or Chernobyl?

So what’s the alternative?

As I said, I’ll consider taking it seriously when they do. They can have my internal combustion engine and electric-powered appliances, when Al Gore ditches his fancy mansion for pre-Industrial Age digs. In other words, never.

Oh, and I still haven’t received an explanation for why the same scientists warning about global warming today were all claiming back in the 1970s that we faced a new ice age.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • I know a lot of global warming zealots and they are true believers.  It’s the new religion of environmentalism. Don’t confuse them with facts, it is believed by faith. But just like Christians, who say “save me Lord, but not yet.” true believer environmentalists are hypocrites. They fly private planes to environmental summits, for example. They are also “green on the outside, red on the inside” and falsely believe that larger, more instruive government will solve our problems. We do have environmental problems that are being solved, but that is different that the Gore worshippers.

  • Judge Robert Bork has repeatedly pointed out in his writing that, for the Left in America, culminating in the 1960s, everything is political.

    Thus, climate change must be the result not of some natural cycle, but of the political policies of the those whom the Left would demonize. 

    Remember what big deal they made about homelessness during the Reagan and first Bush administrations?  That problem disappeared miraculously when Clinton became President. 

    Another favorite is their effort to de-legitimize voting results when they lose.  Remember how defective the voting system was in Ohio in 2004 (narrow Bush win)?  But everything was apparently perfect in 2006 when the Dems took the U.S. Senate seat.

    They have co-opted almost everything—the entertainment industry, the news media, academia, scientific institutes . . .

  • Agreed.  The Left is political about everything.  Rather than stewards of creation, they are gods of the accidental generation of the universe.  I suspect that deep within most there is a tempest of anxiety about the lack of meaning and hope while being mortal gods of accidental nothingness.

    Eventually, these gods of nothingness will decree outrageous mandates which reflect their panic.  Don’t be surprised when it is proposed that:

      All meat industry must be shut down due to methane’s global warming effect and animal cruelty. 

      Available Electricity will be reduced to a minimum, reserved for Government and its elite, and emergencies.  Moreover, heating homes and other locations will be restricted due to the global warming effect of billions of furnaces on the planet.

      Population reduction will be the only solution to energy and pollution problems.  Only the elite and correct thinkers will be allowed to have any children.  Planet earth must be saved from the rug rats!!

      THE FAITHFUL will lose tax exempt status due to the anti-human policies of family, marriage, chastity, and life.  As enemies of the state and planet, it will be harder to work and operate in the economy.  Welcome to the Catholic ghetto.

      Massive international crises around the pressures to save the earth.  Countries should sterilize their populations, except for those chosen to provide the limited few to ride the planet into the future. 

    I know it sounds apocalyptic, but most of this is here already, if not in practice, in debate.  If you disagree with the radical left, you are a hateful extremist without merit.  If you love children and family, you are an enemy of the earth. 

    The love of God, intercession of the saints, and the Triumph of Christ is our ultimate hope.  In the meanwhile, we live well, in union with Jesus with joy that transcends all this nonsense. 

    What would Minnesota be like with no heat?  WOW.