What if…

What if…

What if the big splash that’s rumored to be coming out of the Vatican any day now is not what we have all assumed it to be? What if it’s not the universal Indult for the Tridentine Mass? What if it’s something else that’s just as significant for the Liturgy and for relations with Traditionalists, but is a little too inside baseball for the mainstream media to get?

With major outlets like NPR and Associated Press and the rest getting into Indult Rumor Fever, what if it’s something completely different?

It will be amusing to see the reporters with their mouths hanging open, saying “Huh?”

I can imagine the howls of protest from the comboxes, complaining that the Pope didn’t give them what they all assumed they were getting. Like kids who imagine that Santa will bring them a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas and all they find under the tree is clothes. Who’s fault is the disappointment, those who created the expectation in the first place or the one who didn’t live up to the artificially created expectation?

Just wondering.

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