Way of the Cross

Way of the Cross

The Communion and Liberation movement is continuing its Good Friday tradition and holding Way of the Cross processions in many US cities (See the full list here.), including in Boston. If you have the opportunity it might be a nice way to observe Good Friday.

I met some of the C&L guys at the beginning of the month at the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference. They were very nice and I’m a big fan of the work they do.

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  • Hi –

    I did the Way of the Cross in Boston last year, and plan on being there tomorrow too.

    Please try to make it if you can.

    Joanne smile

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    Oops, should have added – the procession starts at 9am at Gov’t Center. It goes next to the Paulist Center, where last year, we took a 10-15 minute break, so if you’re a few minutes late, that’s a good place to meet us. I think we go next to 49 Franklin St, then Arch St., then down LaGrange St. in Chinatown (where two sexually-oriented businesses are located), then on to St. James the Greater, Holy Trinity, and finally to the Cathedral, where the Cardinal will greet and bless us.


  • “then down LaGrange St. in Chinatown (where two sexually-oriented businesses are located),”

    My mistake. We actually stopped across from a porn shop right on Washington St., where we prayed and the priest leading our procession (sorry, I don’t know his name) sprinkled some holy water on it. I love that this is part of the procession, since the procession is to atone for abortion, and I definitely see opposing pornography in any form as an integral part of being prolife.

    The procession was great. Lovely weather today, and a good turn out – I’m bad at estimating, but I’d say we started with about 50 and ended up with 80 or so. We seemed to pick people up at St. James and Holy Trinity. We went into St. James this year, which we didn’t last year. It’s a big, beautiful church, a real gem in a crowded place like Chinatown. At Holy Trinity, a small group was singing in the choirloft as we entered, which was lovely and really welcome – we stop at HT towards the end of the procession, and to hear the music really boosted people’s spirits, well, mine at least smile My feet were hurting too by that point, but of course I wasn’t wearing sensible shoes, as I should have been tongue laugh

    The Cardinal greeted us at the Cathedral, and led us in the 13th and 14th Stations of the Cross. We also said a consecration there.

    A great witness and a great experience too. I would be interested to hear other comments from anyone else who was there. I also recommend the procession for anyone who can make it next year.

    Take care –

  • “The Communion and Liberation Way of the Cross started in the Common a bit later, and they got to the Cathedral around 2:30.  My daughter was with C&L and tells me that it was very profound.”

    I didn’t realize there were two processions in Boston. I had wondered before why the photos of the procession that I’ve seen have been of people crossing the Common! Makes sense to me now. I wonder why we don’t join together and just make one procession…

  • I know the HFs have held C&L in high esteem, but I’ve always had questions.  How do these books on their own evangelize in ways that others do not?