Waiting until we’re not paying attention

Waiting until we’re not paying attention

The Mass. Legislature once again has put off dealing with the Protection of Marriage amendment, voting to recess until November 9. Senate President Robert Travaglini, who’s been trying to avoid a vote on the amendment ever since it came up and who’s in the pocket of the gay lobby, thinks we don’t see what he’s doing.

Senate President Robert Travaglini had said he intended to bring all 20 proposed amendments to a vote, but had warned lawmakers might not be able to get to every proposed amendment on Wednesday.

Gee, who put the amendment at the bottom of the list? Maybe if he’d put it at the top of the list they wouldn’t have had to postpone it. But by waiting until November 9, after the election, they can be assured of the maximum time before the next election, counting on voters to forget betrayals and subversion of the voters’ will. This is corrupt and dirty politics at its worst. Welcome to Massachusetts.

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