Up go the taxes

Up go the taxes

Speaking of Massachusetts’ new uber-liberal Democrat governor, Deval Patrick wants to give Massachusetts cities and towns the ability to levy other taxes, aside from the property taxes they control now.

Governor Deval Patrick’s administration is preparing a push to give Massachusetts cities and towns more freedom to raise taxes and fees, as a new report suggests Boston will lose talent and businesses to other similarly-sized cities because it is hamstrung by state constraints.

Because businesses and employees want to pay more taxes? Oh sure, they say that it’s designed to shift the burden from property taxes to other kinds of taxes, but does anyone seriously believe that once the genie is out of the bottle, local officials will try to keep the tax burden at the same total amount?

Be prepared for local income taxes and local sales taxes. What Massachusetts truly needed to become a socialist paradise was a Democrat governor to go along with the Democrat legislature. Oh, and Patrick is offering pay raises to the legislators if they support his legislative proposals. Doesn’t that sound like bribery to anyone else?

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli