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Asking Pope Francis to Canonize Pier Giorgio Frassati

[lead dropcap="yes"]I’ve had a devotion to Bl. Giorgio Frassati for over two decades and built the first web site dedicated to him (which now exists as part of this site).[/lead] This past May 20 marked the 27th anniversary of the beatification of... [Continue Reading]

Benedictine Monks of Norcia

If you want to see some of what was lost in the earthquake in Norcia (and more importantly what was not lost, namely the monks), this story from CBS Sunday Morning last year gives you an idea. More details of the quake are available here.

How to Talk with Your Hands

There are some great tips here on how to use your hands to be more effective when talking, whether it's to a group, one-on-one at work, or with your spouse or kids. I thought it as going to be hokey baloney, but it turns out that even this hand... [Continue Reading]

Pretty Fly for A Wifi

Fifteen or 20 years ago, this would have been incomprehensible to most people. But now, I'd say most homes now have some kind of Wifi in their homes and each of those networks need a name. It used to be that everywhere you went you saw "Linksys"... [Continue Reading]