Tis the season for First Communion gifts

Tis the season for First Communion gifts

A reader writes of a dilemma. His neighbor’s son is receiving his First Communion in a week and he wants to get the 9-year-old an appropriate gift. He gets the impression that they’re not very devout and isn’t even sure if they go to Mass regularly.

He’s thinking about Amy Welborn’s “Loyola Kid’s Book of Heroes”, which presents a saint or Catholic hero and the virtue they embody. But he doesn’t know if the boy is a reader.

Too often faith is seen as a girly thing, and too often religious book illustrations seem to be too childish. I’m looking for a gift for a boy. Girls are a little easier – you can get them jewelry or a scrapbook, but it seems so hard to get a good gift for a boy.

I’ve thought of the Champions of Faith DVD, but it gives me the impression of religious propaganda, rather than educational material. You watch it for maybe 2 hrs and then never again. Besides, I don’t think they’re baseball fans. A book lasts longer. On the other hand, few kids are readers, and his parents probably read even less.

Other than books, are there other products out there? Maybe a paint by number set of Stations of the Cross? I don’t know, I’m just grasping. I just wish somebody would make something to get kids more involved, and maybe some of it will rub off on parents.

First, let me say that the Champions of Faith DVD is very good. I’ve seen most of it and it’s not your typical athlete hagiography. One player talks about dealing with his own public hypocrisy, preaching Catholic values to teens in youth ministry and an on-field fight. If you’re a baseball fan, it’s worthwhile, but even if you’re not and you don’t know the players or their teams, it’s still worth watching.

Okay, so what are other good First Communion gifts for a Catholic boy who may or may not go to Mass with his family regularly and may not be a reader?

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