The pledge drive is nearing the end

The pledge drive is nearing the end

This blog entry will remain at the top of the page until the end of October. Page down to see the newest Bettnet entries posted after this one.

The personal appeal for donations and subscriptions to Bettnet will be ending as of Tuesday midnight, although you can still donate after that date by clicking on the buttons to the left.

I want to thank everyone for their support. We nearly made it to our goal and for that I’m very grateful. Like I said before I think of this like a PBS pledge drive. Just like with PBS you don’t have to give anything to keep getting all this great content, but if you do you’re ensuring that it will continue into the future, not to mention that nice warm glow you get from giving. smile A key difference, however, is the fact that I’m not double-dipping in your other pocket through government subsidies.

Also, to clear up any misconceptions, this pledge drive is not intended to earn a living for my family. I’m not that delusional. Apart from my family’s needs, I’m running this drive because I think, as a professional writer, I produce something on the blog that has value and I believe that there are people out there who agree and who are willing to show that by giving a few bucks. That’s obviously been proven now. But for those who can’t or won’t give, it won’t affect your ability to read the site or make comments. This is a free-will offering.

Also, thank you all again for your support. Once again donation options are available after the jump.


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