The motu proprio: a roundup of reaction

The motu proprio: a roundup of reaction

Here is the document— Summorum Pontificum (unofficial Vatican translation of the motu proprio )—and the Pope’s letter explaining the motu proprio [English translation from the Vatican].

Here is Phil Lawler’s excellent-as-usual analysis: “Pope broadens access to 1962 Mass (news/analysis)”, as well as his notation of a minor error in the US bishops’ translation.

Fr. Zuhlsdorf gives his initial comments on the document.

Fr. Philip Powell, OP, alerts us to the six stages of dissenting from the motu proprio.

Meanwhile, Fr. Martin Fox gives a parish priest’s eminently sensible view on the document and what it will entail, and almost more important, what it does not do.

I’m sure there are a million and one other excellent reactions out there. I just haven’t got to them yet, but if you’re looking for a place to start—as an alternative to the dreck you’ll read in the secular press—these aren’t bad.

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  • Hey, Dom! Check out Projo! Instead of “the dreck you’ll read in the secular press” they actually printed the story of a happy priest in Providence who is gearing up to train other (20 or so) priests in the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass. We have to give ‘em credit for that, even if it could have been ignorance in the “proper” liberal reaction that resulted in the positive article. (See, “We Speak Latin Here”.)
    Maybe Boston could send interested priests over the border for classes?