The homosexual left

The homosexual left

Since the Eighties we've heard dire warnings in from the political pundits and mainstream media and the Democratic Party (but I repeat myself... ba, dump, bump! Thank you, I'll be here all week; Try the veal!) of the rise of the Christian or religious right in politics. According to this theme, a bloc of conservative, narrow, and prejudiced Republican voters would gather all their political power to back candidates amenable to their way of thinking forcing the GOP to become a hardline reactionary party and forcing out moderates who disagreed on issues like abortion, homosexuality, and the like, and creating a virtual theocracy. Of course, as well know, nothing of the sort has happened, despite shrill claims that the uproar over Janet Jackson's bare breast at the Super Bowl halftime show is a sign of that incipient jackboot revolution.

Meanwhile, we're seeing the rise of a counter-force in politics, a mirror movement on the left of well-heeled homosexual activists targeting local political races around the country with political donations to tilt local governments in favor of their left-wing political views, mostly related to homosexuality and same-sex marriage. It's the same strategy--based on former Democrat House Speaker Tip O'Neill's adage that all politics is local--that the Christian Coalition used to encourage it's members to focus on culture-changing institutions like school boards and city councils.

Deep pockets swaying elections

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Domenico Bettinelli