The foot-washing wars are back

The foot-washing wars are back

If it’s almost Holy Week, you know what it’s time for: the foot-washing wars. Specifically, the battle over whether women can be included in the Holy Thursday foot-washing ritual, imitating Christ’s example of service to the apostles.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of it. Every year it’s the same old battle over what is really a settled piece of Church regulation. Here’s another article explaining the rule.

But like with altar girls, everyone knows better than the Holy See and they do what they want until eventually the bishop gets tired of people fighting over it and allows the practice. And then the Vatican notices that it’s become so widespread that it throws up its collective hands and says that it’s got more important things to worry about and allows it. The lesson that has been taught is that if you persist in minor violations long enough and refuse to obey, you eventually get your way, like a bratty child with a tired parent.

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