The ACLU’s hypocrisy and the mosque in Boston

The ACLU’s hypocrisy and the mosque in Boston

Whenever religious people are too uppity and dare to put their faith in the public sphere, the American Civil Liberties is always at the ready to smack them down with their twisted interpretations of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Well, I should amend that statement since it’s not strictly true. The ACLU has its sights set on Christian religious people. But, as The American Thinker points out, when its government aid to Muslim worship the ACLU is curiously silent.

Now imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find anyone – either at the Massachusetts ACLU or at its big brother in Washington – who had brought legal action, or who would even render an opinion, on the construction of a $22,000,000 religious structure on land virtually given away by the City of Boston and attendant religious instruction courses forced on a nearby state-funded college.  How could such a monumental religious undertaking involving the obvious endorsement by government officials at every level escape the withering gaze of the watchdogs of the ACLU?

It took only a few phone calls to find the answer.  The religious structure and institution was neither a church nor a synagogue.  It was a mosque.  And not just another mosque.  The Islamic Society of Boston’s mosque project will be the largest on the East Coast of the United States and will be funded primarily through Middle Eastern money.

This has gotten coverage in the Boston newspapers, but after some front page coverage months ago, it’s quietly slipped to the back pages. The basic story is that the City of Boston sold a multi-million dollar site for pennies on the dollar, and then agreed to allow the Islamic Society of Boston to set up an Islamic Library and to teach courses in Islam at a local state-funded community college as payment.

Double standards for Christianity and Islam

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  • The ACLU is not a civil liberties organization.

    It is simply a stalking horse for those who hate Christianity and wish to eradicate its influence from all spheres of American life.

    Their understanding of “civil liberties” is that freedom of religion, means freedom from religion. Thus, any public display of religion or faith is an infringement of their “right” to be free from religion.

    This explains their unrelenting pursuit and persecution of faith in the public sphere.

  • Guess Menino never read the story of the Spartans and the Trojans.

    This is the same Menino who claims that there isn’t enough money in the budget to hire enough police officers to deal with the rising crime rate.  He’s also planning to merge my department with BPD (officers only), which will probably result in my being laid off.

    Gee, where do you suppose that money went?

    (I don’t sound too bitter, do I?)

  • The First Amendment says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” and the 14th Amendment extends that prohibition to state governments.

    Only a tortured jurisprudence can claim that erecting a Christmas creche on public property is the establishment of religion. In fact, what we have come to is legal precedent that says the only acceptable religion in the public square is no religion, i.e. that government must be atheistic. That is certainly not in either the letter or the spirit of the Constitution and we have the ACLU and its ilk to thank for it.