Terrorizing children for the environment

Terrorizing children for the environment

It’s not news, but liberal eco-nuts don’t like families and children and they don’t like the minivans and SUVs they drive. Their mantra is that children use up the world’s precious resources… resources they want for themselves.

So while the story of a California family attacked by fanatical anarchic eco-terrorists is not surprising, it’s still outrageous. Even more outrageous is the city’s decision not to enforce the law and provide for the safety of citizens from gangs. This can only reinforce in folks the recognition that they are responsible for their own family’s safety.

The bike-riding gang is part of a movement called “Critical Mass”. Ostensibly they’re promoting alternative transportation. In San Francisco it’s become a red-light-running mugging of those who drive “unacceptable” vehicles.

Terror on the streets of San Francisco

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Domenico Bettinelli