Springtime for Shanley: producing a child-abuse musical

Springtime for Shanley: producing a child-abuse musical

One of the mantras that has united liberals in the discussion of the Scandal has been that it’s not about homosexuality, it’s about pedophilia. Of course, that’s just false. Pedophilia is an unnatural attraction to pre-pubescent children of either sex. The fact is that 80 percent of the abuse in the Scandal was adult men having sex with post-pubescent boys. That’s homosexuality by any definition.

The problem for the cultural elites is that apart from Catholic priests doing it, they really want to praise it. The gay literature is all about sex between adult men and boys. Heck, how much porn spam do you get that’s about adults having sex with teens of either sex? But the homosexual culture is even more focused on it than heterosexuals.

Take for example, a review in Variety of a musical about a man sexually abusing his nephew while trying to remain friends with the boy’s dad. The article calls it controversial and “volatile,” but it also calls it “heart-wrenching,” “emotionally vulnerable,” and says the plays doesn’t “demonize” the pervert protagonist.

The question here isn’t whether it’s appropriate to stage a play about a man having sex with his teen nephew, but whether audiences are ready for it. They refer to “moral grayness.” It’s not gray, it’s black. There’s no question here that the abuse is wrong.

It recalls the averted-gaze treatment of the “Vagina Monologues,” which includes a scene of lesbian sexual abuse of a minor. No problem there.

Oh, and it’s no surprise that the theater in Atlanta hosting this play is known for hosting gay-themed productions. But homosexuality and child abuse have nothing to do with each other. Right.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli