Spinning away from the ugly truth

Spinning away from the ugly truth

The National Catholic Reporter is trying to spin the John Jay Criminal College study of the Scandal against the growing acknowledgment that the clergy sex-abuse problem is a homosexual problem. Gerald at The Cafeteria is Closed avoids NCR’s cherry-picking of the data and gives the rest of the story.

t may be an undesirable fact that most abusers were homosexual (“subsection” ephebophile - and there certainly are heterosexual abusers of underage females), as one can see from how the story is spun in the liberal Catholic and regular media, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. Some were pedophiles, but the majority did accursed things to males who were sexually (and only sexually) mature. It’s not something to cheer about, mind you - but it shows what the real problem is. Yes, there is ALSO a substantial pedophilia problem, but it’s small compared to the ephebophilia problem. Both must be eradicated, accompanied by the most severe punishment canon and secular law has to offer. BUT, it seems to me that many liberals do not WANT to acknowledge the overwhelming homosexual factor in this at all because it’s not PC.

As he said, for pro-gay partisans any acknowledgment that homosexuality played any sort of role is anathema. It cannot even be considered. So much for open-mindedness to the possibility that they don’t have a lock on the truth. Hey, this is just looking at the data as a whole. Are the numbers lying?

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