Speaking of SNAP

Speaking of SNAP

Speaking of the Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priest, they sent an open letter to Cardinal Francis George of Chicago in which they demand that the cardinal throw out canon law and Church teaching and act like a dictator when it comes to allegations of sexual abuse.

The Catholic church is a monarchy. In Chicago, you are the king. Priests have no union. You can suspend a priest anytime for anything. To claim otherwise is ludicrous. (Does anyone really think these priests would have remained in active ministry for years while your staff allegedly investigated allegations that they stole money or advocated abortion?)

Sorry folks, but the Church is not the repressive and overbearing ogre you seem to think is. I don’t necessarily think the cardinal comes off in this latest scandal out of Chicago smelling like roses, but just like Voice of the Faithful’s criticism of Cardinal Bernard Law here in Boston in 2002 and Archbishop Sean O’Malley after he came here in 2003, it quickly passed beyond the reasonable and understandable stage and went right to unreasonable and wacky. Thus we get to the real agenda.

Cardinal George, after years and years of scandal, we have sadly become convinced it’s not the church’s procedures that are flawed, it’s the church’s leadership that is flawed. (And it will remain flawed until lay people insist on real change, not cosmetic, paper “reforms.”)

What they are after is the dismantling of the Church as we know her into a form of Protestant congregationalism in which activists like themselves can more easily distort the Church’s teachings and assert their own power and authority.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli