Shifting sands of political correctness

Shifting sands of political correctness

George Neumayr writes that the strictures of political correctness now bind both political parties and once seemingly mainstream points-of-view are being labeled as extreme, out of the mainstream, and unacceptable.

One of the Democrats’ most successful rackets is to label any Republican position, no matter how timid, “extremist.” This ensures that skittish Republicans will eventually even step away from that timid position. The “conservative” position, under the pressures of this demagoguery, inevitably becomes the liberal one of yesteryear, and then a little time passes and that position is deemed outrageous.

Pace’s problem

While this occurs in all areas of debate, it is most visible in debate over “social” issues.

The recent comments by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace, USMC, on gays in the military are the seed of Neumayr’s reflection. Pace said that homosexual activity is “immoral.” He said it in the context of reiterating that homosexuals should not be allowed to serve openly in military. That elicited a firestorm of criticism, calls for an apology, and even calls for his resignation.

And all for publicly expressing approval for a policy put in place by Bill Clinton in 1992, a policy that even then was derided as an extreme liberal sop to homosexuality. Now that liberal position is extremely reactionary. What’s especially galling, Neumayr adds, is that supposed conservative Republicans jumped on the Pace-pummeling bandwagon.>In yet another profile of courage, the Bush administration bravely seconded the mainstream media and Dems, making it clear that their general had committed a serious societal no-no. Pace, quickly reeducated by enlightened Bush administration officials, chastised himself for letting slip his “personal moral views.” This is the approved relativistic lingo for Republican apologies: they make sure to call their views “personal” as a way of letting the PC authorities know that the liberal view is “official” and “state” while the conservative one is just a marginal “opinion” they would never dream of imposing on anyone.

From mainstream to barbaric

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