She wants to be your mommy

She wants to be your mommy

Hilary Clinton made it clear that she’s running to be “mommy-in-chief” in a speech at a church in Iowa on Sunday.

The New York senator also highlighted a chapter in her book, “It Takes a Village,” that talks about every child needing a champion. She said most children have someone in that role and she’d like to fulfill it for the whole country.

“I think the American people need a president who is their champion. And I’ve been running to be that champion — to get up every single day and do all that I can to make sure I provide the tools that every single American is entitled to receive and make the most out of their own lives,” Clinton said.

This is the essence of the Clinton political approach, the liberal approach to governing principles, and approach that unfortunately has been taken up to some degree by some Republicans as well: We’re not electing a president, but a nanny or mommy. Read that again. It’s clear that she sees us as children.

We don’t need a president to be “our champion”. We don’t need someone to “provide the tools” for my success. They are mine by right and I just have to pick them up. It’s up to me to succeed. Hilary and the rest of the politicians just need to get out of our way.

I recall in the late 90s when the topic of a middle-class tax cut came up, Bill Clinton balked and even publicly admitted that he didn’t think it was a good idea because we might not spend it right. [Speech in Buffalo, New York, January 20, 1999, cited in the Washington Times]

“We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right… But … if you don’t spend it right, here’s what’s going to happen….”

What’s frustrating is that there are plenty of people out there who let themselves get treated like this. They apparently don’t want to be the grownup, but would rather have someone else provide for their needs. We are becoming a nation of suckling infants.