SF cops are fed up

SF cops are fed up

Maybe it’s not the police in San Francisco who are the problem there as I recently wondered, but the people they have to answer to.

That’s the conclusion I come to when I see this video of a press conference last year.

Following the death of Officer Nick Birco on July 26, 2006 when his police car was struck by a stolen van driven by career criminals who had just committed an armed robbery, the media had focused on whether the cops should have been pursuing the suspects and whether Birco was at fault for his own death, instead of wondering why the criminals—especially the leader with a long rap sheet and two outstanding felonies—were out and about and able to commit this crime.

Based on this video, I think the San Francisco police are sick and tired of lenient judges, politically correct politicians, and a blame-the-police-first media. I’d love to see more of this unusual candor.

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  • Darn right their fed up, DB. They detest the judges and our DA. They can’t recruit new officers, (who’d want to be a cop in SF?)and just today there was a newspaper story saying that they will need to pull officers from San Francisco International Airport to work in the city. The above commentator is correct also: they are great at the Walk for Life. Probably because we have good manners.