Rumors of walkout at Mass. Constitutional Convention

Rumors of walkout at Mass. Constitutional Convention

The long-postponed Massachusetts Constitutional Convention is scheduled to take place on Thursday and the amendment to protect marriage by defining it is on the agenda. Unfortunately, liberals who don’t want the people to vote are preparing a strategy to undermine the will of the people, including the more than 170,000 voters who signed a petition to get the amendment on the ballot.

Here’s what has to happen. The convention must approve the ballot question in two consecutive conventions before it will go before the voters. They were supposed to vote on it this past spring, but the leadership adjourned the convention without dealing with it, putting it off until after the election.

Now rumors are flying that opponents are preparing to move through the remaining items on the convention’s agenda and then, when the marriage amendment comes up, simply walking out, denying a quorum and killing it without having to take a vote or make a stand.

Senate President Robert Travaglini, who serves as president of the convention, promised this past summer that every item on the agenda will receive a vote. But then these are politicians we’re talking about. They’re not known for their promise-keeping abilities.

If you’re a Massachusetts resident, send a message to Travaglini using this automated system.

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  • So, the thing to do is to charge into the statehouse en masse, and bar the doors, so they cannot get out!!!!

    Our perhaps our state police at the State House can “ready arms” and threaten them.  Time for the ents to go to war!!!!!!!

    If they do walk out, then begin the recall proceedings!!!!

  • I am pretty sure that trying to hold the members of the General Court hostage will get you a nice summons from the staties.

    The presiding officer of the Convention, i.e. the Senate President, has the authority to deploy the sergeant-at-arms to maintain the quorum.

  • Did you folks see the Bay Windows ‘editorial’ that basically said to our reps, “Hey, we bought you guys for a million bucks.  You owe us.  Kill the bill.”?