Romney smears his critics

Romney smears his critics

Is this what we can expect from Mitt Romney’s campaign? The pro-family group MassResistance has been publicizing its claim that Romney is not the social conservative he claims, giving evidence from his shaky record as Massachusetts governor.

Rather than reply on substance, Romney’s campaign starts by going straight for the gutter, sending out a press release smearing Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance. What’s worse is that the Romney campaign uses news stories slanted from the left to attack him. In fact, it all portrays Camenker as an extremist, which in this context is how all pro-lifers and pro-marriage advocates are portrayed. They even use a clip from Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” which mocked Camenker. Is this supposed to make Camenker look bad or make me sympathize?

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth defends Camenker’s record of fighting for traditional values.

Few people have demonstrated the courage that Brian has in fighting the self-styled ‘queer’ movement,” he said. “Twice he has been sued by homosexual legal activists in Boston over the 2000 ‘Fistgate’ scandal, in which Massachusetts homosexual education activists gave underage students ‘how-to’ lessons about a depraved and dangerous gay sex act called ‘fisting,’ he said. “Like Joe Scheidler on the pro-life issue, Brian is tenacious and has the integrity not to bow to any man (or party) but to stand up against the homosexual lobby even when he and his family could suffer immensely for doing so.

Another one of the Romney campaign’s criticisms of Camenker is his claim that Camenker “has a record of attacking prominent Republicans.” And who are these “prominent Republicans”?

In 2001, Camenker Attempted To Derail President Bush’s Nomination Of Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci To Be Ambassador To Canada.

No! Not Cellucci! Come on, Cellucci is as much a liberal on social issues as Romney, maybe even more. I’m supposed to feel bad about Camenker trying to prevent him getting a prominent appointed position?

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Domenico Bettinelli