Romney smears his critics

Romney smears his critics

Is this what we can expect from Mitt Romney’s campaign? The pro-family group MassResistance has been publicizing its claim that Romney is not the social conservative he claims, giving evidence from his shaky record as Massachusetts governor.

Rather than reply on substance, Romney’s campaign starts by going straight for the gutter, sending out a press release smearing Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance. What’s worse is that the Romney campaign uses news stories slanted from the left to attack him. In fact, it all portrays Camenker as an extremist, which in this context is how all pro-lifers and pro-marriage advocates are portrayed. They even use a clip from Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” which mocked Camenker. Is this supposed to make Camenker look bad or make me sympathize?

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth defends Camenker’s record of fighting for traditional values.

Few people have demonstrated the courage that Brian has in fighting the self-styled ‘queer’ movement,” he said. “Twice he has been sued by homosexual legal activists in Boston over the 2000 ‘Fistgate’ scandal, in which Massachusetts homosexual education activists gave underage students ‘how-to’ lessons about a depraved and dangerous gay sex act called ‘fisting,’ he said. “Like Joe Scheidler on the pro-life issue, Brian is tenacious and has the integrity not to bow to any man (or party) but to stand up against the homosexual lobby even when he and his family could suffer immensely for doing so.

Another one of the Romney campaign’s criticisms of Camenker is his claim that Camenker “has a record of attacking prominent Republicans.” And who are these “prominent Republicans”?

In 2001, Camenker Attempted To Derail President Bush’s Nomination Of Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci To Be Ambassador To Canada.

No! Not Cellucci! Come on, Cellucci is as much a liberal on social issues as Romney, maybe even more. I’m supposed to feel bad about Camenker trying to prevent him getting a prominent appointed position?

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  • I have never been excited about Romney’s candidacy, not because he is a Mormon, but because he is more Eastern establishment, i.e., a liberal in moderate clothing.  This is just one more reason to suspect his tepid commitment to strong family values, to decency, and to ending the moral degeneracy of abortion and homosexual/pansexual zealotry.

  • If only there were more parents like Brian Camenker we would not be witnessing the tragedy that is happening in Massachusetts where early elementary school children(e.g. in Lexington and Cambridge) are being indoctrinated using the Massachusetts LGBT Early Childhood Education Initiative and many high schools have been getting away with teaching this approval of degenerate behaviors that Brian has been able to verify and make public to any parents who really care about their children. The scandalous indoctrination that Brian has verified still continues because the campaign to villify Brian has been successfully fueled by the supporters of MassEquality,the GLBT forces, PFLAG which oversees the growth of the Gay/Straight Alliance clubs in the public schools,etc.. If Gov. Romney can’t see that this is the truth of what is happening right here in Massachusetts, how will he ever be able to turn the tide away from the indoctrination in degenerate behavior that has been started in Massachusetts and is spreading into other states with the approval of the MTA/NEA leaders who use the tactics of Arline Isaacson,the “Queen of Beacon Hill”? If he is joining in the effort of those who practice and promote degenerate behavior who are determined to villify Brian Camenker, that says a lot about Gov. Romney’s character.

  • If the Camenkers and Romneys of Massachusetts would work together rather than vilifying each other, something to defend traditional marriage might actually get done here in this unfortunately overwhelmingly liberal state of Massachusetts.  Camenker is a needed voice against homosexualist indoctrination in public schools, but his blaming Romney for same sex marriage as if he is exactly the same as the liberal judges and politicians promoting same sex marriage is just unfair.  Romney has spoken and acted often in defense of traditional marriage, and his feeling the need to enforce a judicial decree he doesn’t agree with is reasonable on balance of power grounds and does not mean that he agrees with it.  Romney has spoken in defense of traditional marriage and can hardly be considered as “socially liberal” as Cellucci, who has made no movement in the conservative direction as far as I know.  Romney, for his part, shouldn’t vilify Camenker either, since Camenker raises legitimate issues and should be praised for that.  This mutual vilification will only help pro-same sex marriage and pro-abortion Democrats in the state and the nation.  I hope the purists will be happy when Democratic one party rule is consolidated here, same sex marriage is permanently entrenched, and we have President Rodham Clinton declare abortion and same sex marriage fundamental human rights enforcible by the UN.

  • his feeling the need to enforce a judicial decree he doesn’t agree with is reasonable on balance of power grounds and does not mean that he agrees with it.

    He doesn’t have to “enforce” the judicial decree because it didn’t tell him to order city and town clerks to issue marriage licenses. The decree ordered the legislature to change the law, which it did not do. So why did Romney jump the gun?

  • The press release says:

    FACT: Governor Romney Has Been A Champion Of Traditional Marriage And The Sanctity Of Life.

    For at least the past 30 days.  Before then, he had supported abortion, gay causes, etc., but only because he’d been brainwashed into it.

    Is Romney following Jack Kennedy, aiming to be religious but not too much?

  • This blog entry is entitled, “Romney smears his critics.”  How ironic and hypocritical!  An appropriate title for a recurring event on this blog would be, “Bettinelli smears Romney.”  Although Romney is, by no means, my favorite candidate, it appears that he may have a 50/50 chance of being the Republican candidate.  Bad-mouthing him in this blog will not change him.  Might as well start getting used to him, seeing his good points, praying for him, and hoping that his self-confessed conversion is genuine.  BE CATHOLIC FOR A CHANGE, Dom.

  • AnUnSi,
    The blog title seems perfectly accurate.  Romney is smearing his critic without addressing the underlying questions that Camenker and MassResistance raised.  If he’s got legitimate answers to the concerns, then let him answer them straight-away.  Yes, Romney may have a decent chance at the nomination, but he’s running going out of his way to position himself as a social conservative who has exercised every legal option to stop gay marriage.  That is just not true.  See Hadley Arkes’ comments in these two pieces:

    The Missing Governor

    If Romney wants to run as a social conservative, then he better explain his record and Domenico has every right to call it as it is.

  • ”“Since when is pointing out the facts not “being Catholic”?”

    The why is it when Romney “points out facts” it’s considered a smear?

  • Saying that Camenker is “an extremist” because he is routinely mocked by the national media and because he opposed Cellucci’s appointment as ambassador isn’t pointing out facts—it’s making an assertion; pointing out that Romney did order clerks to issue marriage licenses to gays is not a “smear”—that is pointing out the facts.

  • isn’t pointing out facts—it’s making an assertion; .

    Pointing out what a multitude of others have said about Camenker is fact.

    Pointing out that Camenker had claimed to have been a social liberal (with his own quotes) is fact.

    Pointing out that he attempted to derail Gov. Cellucci’s nomination to Ambassador is fact.

    pointing out that Romney did order clerks to issue marriage licenses to gays is not a “smear”—that is pointing out the facts

    Claiming that Romney broke the law is an assertion that is not substantiated by any authoritative source.

    Saying that Camenker is “an extremist”

    Ummmm….you saying Camenker is mainstream or centrist?

    I’m no Romney fan, but let’s be fair here.

  • Sorry, but Romney’s chances outside Taxachussettes are about as good as snowfall in Jamaica (the island country, not the city in New York).  He’s got soc con creds just a sliver above HRC herself.

    Unfortunately, the true soc con vote may end up split between Brownback and Ron Paul, given neither a decent shot.