Reader liturgy bleg

Reader liturgy bleg

A reader writes with the following question:

I remember hearing/reading some time ago that it was no longer permissible for members of the congregation to stand in the sanctuary around the altar during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Yesterday, we had a Mass in which the 4th and 6th graders in our Religious Ed program participated as readers, ushers, etc.. Our pastor, who is new, but a priest for 30 years, had the members of the classes come up and stand around the altar through the Offertory, Consecration and Communion. This made me very uncomfortable, but before I go making an issue of it, I wanted to be sure of my information. Is there anything in the GIRM, for example, that I can cite, chapter and verse?

Anyone know the answer to this off the top of their head? I know that it is not allowed, but I can’t cite it from memory.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli