Pushing sexual social engineering on Mass. kids

Pushing sexual social engineering on Mass. kids

Tomorrow there will be a hearing at the Massachusetts State House on two proposed, identical bills: H1641 and S102. These bills will mandate standards for sexual education for all grade levels starting in kindergarten. Here’s what it includes. By fifth grade they should have learned the following:

  • “Students label the functions and/or systems of the reproductive system”
  • “Define sexual orientation using the correct terminology (such as heterosexual, and gay and lesbian)”
  • “Describe different types of families [like same-sex families?], addressing membership and social influences, and the functions of family members.”

By eighth grade, the intensity of social engineering increases:

  • “Explain setting limits on sexual behavior—Students discuss consequences around sexuality decisions.” [This assumes sexual behavior. Not prevention, only “limits”.]
  • “Identify sexual discrimination and harassment” [There’s only one kind of sexual discrimination in this agenda: homophobia.]

Indoctrination gets deeper and more radical

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    Soucy kids are in the program.

    Today’s 3rd Grade History lesson (from the Program:  The Catholic Faith Comes to the New World):
    Blessed Junipero Serra
    Fr. Kino

    I wouldn’t send my kids to any Catholic School in most states either.

  • Sadly, with the advent of “Talking about Touching,” there are precious few (count on one hand?) parochial schools I’d recommend either, Dom.

  • Fr. Clark, it’s good to see that at least some priests understand that the problem is right in our very midst.  Already in the late 80s-early 90s I found my daughter’s parochial school to be less friendly to the Catholic faith than the public school I ultimately put her in.  It was a difficult decision, but having birth control taught to the co-ed 8th grade class by the parish priest was more than I could tolerate.  When I talked to this priest before making the decision, he seemed to be of the opinion they were “going to do it anyway” after the school dances, and it was better not to have them get pregnant in the process.  A little encouragement not to “do it anyway” would have been welcome, but was not forthcoming.  At least in public the indoctrination lasted 6 weeks rather than the entire school year.

  • A closer approximation…

    Fr. Fessio said in a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt that families that homeschool (especially Catholic ones) are the “monasteries of the New Dark Age.”

  • Just call me a stupid sales guy, without a Masters in Divinity, but how should I take this “New Dark Age” comment?

    Can someone point me to whether this is a positive or negative comment about Homeschoolers?

    A link to something would be nice.