Priest silenced

A number of people have alerted me today to this notification about the silencing under obedience by Archbishop Harry Flynn of Minneapolis of Fr. Robert Altier. Altier is a noted orthodox priest, who has a program on the Relevant Radio network, and is an advisor to Catholic Parents Online, a group opposed to the implementation of Talking about Touching in Minneapolis.

I have hesitated to post anything about it because no one can tell me why he was silenced. The Archdiocese is not talking and neither is Father Altier. Some people are speculating why, which is fine for them, but I’d rather wait until there is more information.

(As longtime Bettnet readers know, I have been burned in the past by jumping the gun. Maturity means we learn from our mistakes, right?)

So if anyone has anyone information, please either email me or post a comment. I will respect requests for anonymity and information that is either off the record or on background.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli