President’s address to the March for Life

President’s address to the March for Life

President Bush’s address to the March for Life is available online. Unfortunately, once again he wasn’t present in person, but called in via telephone. Has Bush ever personally attended the March? This is a symbolism that speaks loud and clear to some of us.

Those who are skeptical of the Republican Party’s commitment to ending abortion, who think that it is politically advantageous for the GOP to keep that albatross hanging around the Democrats’ collective necks, only have to point to the high-minded rhetoric and lack of real action in ending abortion. This is a party that has strayed far from the effective witness of Ronald Reagan. Just look at the crop of potential presidential contenders for 2008. Is there a single one who’s unabashedly pro-life?

Anyway, here are some excerpts from the president’s speech:

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  • Of course the late and great Ronald Reagan only called in also.

    I have heard in the past that the reason for this is the problem of the President personally attending the event and causing increased traffic and security problems, though I don’t personally buy that one. It would send such a great message if he managed to make it there once in his two terms.

  • You ask:

    “Just look at the crop of potential presidential contenders for 2008. Is there a single one who’s unabashedly pro-life?”

    Yes there is probably the most solid candidate ever, whom I believe has a chance. 

    Senator Brownback, unabashedly pro-life and devout Catholic, is for all accounts of things is running.  He has not officially said so, but it seems quite clear that he will be.

    I became a Brownbacker a few days ago to support him if he runs for President.  You can also join here:

    Also there is a blog, Catholics for Brownback, here:

    We need to get the word out to fellow Catholics and other pro-life christians, and let them know about Senator Brownback.  I don’t know anybody else who is even close to being worthy of our consideration.  Let’s get the ball rolling for Senator Brownback!

  • Was George hiding in the Midwest this year? Last year he beat a hasty retreat to Camp David.

    Even in his final years, even though he will never participate in another election, we see what he stands for: NOTHING.

    Alito and Roberts both nodded to Roe v. Wade as settled law … I’m not holding my breath waiting for George to come clean … inside word has it that Laura and the daughters and 100% pro abortion.

  • Brian M.,

    was very impressed by Senator John Cornyn of Texas during the Alito hearings.  He is strongly pro-life, rated 0% by NARAL.

  • I’ve thought long and hard about this for several election cycles since my first one in 1988 when I voted for George Bush Sr.  I’ve voted “lesser of two evil” Republican ever since then…until now.  I am sick and tired of being taken for granted as a Catholic pro-lifer.  Instead, I have switched to the Constitution Party.  Yes they won’t win any time soon, if ever.  But, the Republicans have sold their souls (ie, Reaganite values and the Reagan coalition) for power.

    There are only a handful of likely candidate Republicans I would consider voting for as President in 2008:
    1) Alan Keyes
    2) Sam Brownback
    3) Rick Santorum
    None of them will emerge from the primary process as the GOP machine seems to want pro-aborts Guiliani or McCain.

    Time to abandon today’s Whigs (the GOP) for tomorrow’s Republicans (the Constitution Party).