Praying for Ted

Praying for Ted

The retired Irish priest at our parish this morning added a prayer to petitions, asking us to pray for Sen. Ted Kennedy’s “recovery from his current ailment and return to his work.” I’ll pray for old Ted’s healing, but I won’t pray for him to return to his work in the Senate. He’s done quite enough damage in his four decades in office, thank you.


  • I said a prayer for his repentence in his faith of potential death, an opportunity of which his brothers (and Mary Jo Kopechne) were robbed by the suddenness of their deaths and of which Ted would do well to make the most.  I have no confidence that any such thing will occur, of course.

  • Did your priest ask anyone to pray for the souls of all those who murdered their children or the souls of the millions of unbaptized children gruesomely murdered by legalized abortion methods supported by this madman?

    I know ted kennedy is in need of prayers and fasting but I am too busy praying and fasting for his victims who continue to mount daily.
    He knows the faith and willingly rejected it at the expense of billions of beautiful innocent lives.

    When the sheep and goats are seperated, He will see Jesus in the least of His brethren being crucified by his own hand.

  • I don’t get enthusiastic about it, but Christ our God told us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. 

    So let’s pray for him to have a healthy and holy retirement as soon as possible.

  • I’ll pray for Ted’s full recovery, and a long and happy retirement.

    I know a lot of retired guys who find time for confession and daily mass.

  • Pray for Ted’s conversion on the death bed (or sick bed as is the case) just like Lord Marchmain in “Brideshead Revisited”.