Prayers please

Prayers please

I have a couple of prayer requests today. First is for my friend Patrick Coffin, whose daughter is to be born by C-section today. She has a number of maladies that will complicate things.

Our journey with Naomi has surely been roller coaster-like, complete with unforeseen sharp turns and terrifying dips. Yesterday we got some more news, described as “unwelcome.” I don’t understand much of it, but last Friday’s MRI showed some necrosis in her basal ganglia. This finding is almost always associated with oxygen deprivation (which almost never happens in utero) or with some unknown infection. No one knows exacty what it implies. But it’s not good news.

This latest joins her collective list of medical challenges: a ventricular septal defect (VSD or hole in the heart); a choarctation in the aorta leading out of the heart; enlarged lateral ventricle of the brain (too much cerebral fluid); and a severely undersized chin, which may necessitate intubatation to allow her to breathe—either by nose/mouth tube or by tracheotomy in the throat.

One scary question mark after another, after another.

In addition, my nephew Joshua, who has had a series of ailments in his 20 months of life, will be going in for cystic fibrosis tests on Monday.

If you can say some prayers for both children and their parents, I would greatly appreciate it.

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