Political discourse in 21st-century America

Political discourse in 21st-century America

With former Sen. Fred Thompson looking like he’s about to jump in to the GOP primary race for president, the usual political long knives are coming out, starting with sneering references about his wife. Ironically, the first lecherous comments about Jeri Thompson come from former GOP congressman-turned-MSNBC talking head Joe Scarborough.

There’s no denying that the 40-something woman is beautiful, but does that justify insinuating that she “works the pole,” as if she’s a stripper? Of course, it’s not just Scaraborough, but plenty of liberals, who are starting to trot out the “GOP candidates and their bimbo wives” theme. Margery Eagan did it in Sunday’s Boston Herald. Ed Morrissey of the Captain’s Quarters Blog, from the first link above, encapsulates:

The counterbuzz around Thompson has started to center on his supposed “trophy wife”, as if he somehow should be blamed for dating beautiful women after his divorce. Thompson remained single for several years before marrying his current wife; he had also dated country singer Lorrie Morgan for a while as well. It’s hardly a scandal, it hardly makes Jeri Thompson a homewrecker or a whore, and it hardly qualifies as unusual.

Yes, Jeri is Fred’s second wife. He divorced in 1985 and remarried in 2002. Yes, as a Catholic, I think it’s a shame he’s divorced, but does that make him unfit for office?

Funny, it didn’t make any difference to the Democrats when John Kerry was the Democratic candidate for president that he had dated Hollywood actresses, like Catherine Oxenberg and Morgan Fairchild, after his divorce in the ’80s.

Gee, is there a double standard? Are Democrats expected to be shallow and focused on appearances while Republicans are hypocrites because they’re supposed to be uptight and anti-beauty and ant-sexuality? How long until the election?

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Domenico Bettinelli