Parents’ rights bill before Mass. Legislature

Parents’ rights bill before Mass. Legislature

The Massachusetts Legislature is considering a couple of important bills today. Senate Bill #321 is a parental notification and consent law that would update a 1994 parental notification law to define exactly what topics and issues are covered by the law, makes the process opt-in instead of opt-out, and allows a conscience clause for teachers. The impetus behind the bill is the increasing efforts of homosexual activists and others to indoctrinate our children, even as they know most parents would not approve. The activists justify going against parental wishes by claiming that parents don’t know how to raise their own children “correctly” and so the nanny state must do it for them.

The other bill up for debate today is House Bill#597/Senate Bill#288, which is an effort by Planned Parenthood to mandate the aforementioned indoctrination of schoolchildren in homosexuality, explicit sex education, and abortion—while, not coincidentally, virtually banning abstinence education—writing the whole thing into law. And by working against the new parental notification bill, they can ensure that parents have no say in the matter.

And in a typical political maneuver, opponents of the parental notification bill have filed four dummy parents’ rights bills to muddy the waters try to prevent the one that actually ensures parents’ rights from passing.

The bills will be heard in committee today and, if passed by the committee, will be brought up before the whole Legislature for debate and vote at a later date.

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