Parents’ movement spreads

Parents’ movement spreads

The organizing of orthodox Catholic parents against hasty diocesan programs they believe will harm their children while trying to educate them about sex abuse has moved from Boston to Arlington, Virginia.

Parents there are asserting their rights under the Church’s canon law and moral teachings against the diocese’s attempts to impose the “Good Touch- Bad Touch Program” on their kids. The parents summarize their objects thusly:

The essential flaws of the ‘Good Touch / Bad Touch’ program are immediately apparent in that the program seems very strange in a twofold manner: First, very young children (even pre-School) are being exposed to sexual concepts which they would otherwise not dwell upon; and secondly the effectiveness of the program depends largely on a trust factor that minimizes the role of the parents.

Sounds very similar to Talking about Touching, doesn’t it? Once again, we see that the response by some bishops to a failure by themselves or their brother-bishops to sexual abuse by clergy is to focus on children, rather than on the conditions that allowed such priests to thrive and remain in the priesthood. Why? Because it’s easier. They hardly have to do anything, but they can claim immediate success. They certainly don’t want to anger a certain segment of the clergy.