Our five anti-cloning celebrities against your one

Our five anti-cloning celebrities against your one

Have you seen the political ad by Michael J. Fox for Missouri Senate candidate Claire McCaskill? Fox makes the case for Democrat McCaskill by citing her support for embryonic stem cell research. In the past, Fox has gone off his Parkinson’s disease medication in order to make the herky-jerky movements that are the visible indicator of its presence all the more noticeable, for example, during testimony before a Congressional hearing. (He’s now done a similar ad in Maryland.)

What makes this ad even more noticeable is that, as I posted a couple of days ago, there is a constitutional amendment on Missouri’s ballot that would sneak in legalized human cloning under the guise of a putative ban and this amendment is being pushed by big-money biotech interests and their allies in the pro-abortion industry.

Well, if the pro-cloning side can get one Hollywood star on their side, the anti-cloning side can get Hollywood stars and athletes on theirs. In the “Vote No on 2” ad, you will see Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ;” Jeff Suppan, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and a very active Catholic whose spiritual director is a priest in Boston; Kurt Warner, former St. Louis Rams quarterback and born-again Christian; Patricia Heaton, actress and honorary chairman of Feminists for Life; and Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals.

Bloody sacrifices to the gods of science

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Domenico Bettinelli