No weddings at Tridentine Mass church

No weddings at Tridentine Mass church

Der Tommissar reprints a notice from Archbishop Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe that gives a list of locations where Catholics of the archdiocese can’t be married. Most of the restrictions are quite sensible, but then there’s one…

... in gardens, near a lake, on a ranch, [“I won’t eat green eggs and ham, Sam I Am” ... Sorry, couldn’t resist]  at Balloon Fiesta Park, the Lorreto Chapel in Santa Fe, wedding chapels in hotels, at the Mission of San Miguel in Santa Fe, or during the Latin Mass at San Ignacio Parish, etc.

And why, pray tell, can weddings not be held in these places? “We teach that marriage should be in a more spiritual place, in a Church itself.”

As yes, and we can’t consider the Tridentine Mass a spiritual place. Sure, I can understand the need for weddings to take place in parish churches as a sign that the married couple are part of the communion of the parish, whereas a wedding in some garden or unattached chapel don’t do that. Yet, I think the members of the Latin Mass community at San Ignacio Parish might dispute their inclusion in that group. In fact, requiring faithful members of the community to get married in a parish they don’t attend and where they are strangers would seem to have the opposite effect.

It’s amazing to me the lengths some people go to persecute those who have an attachment to the Tridentine Mass. If it’s not your cup of tea, fine. If you think it’s an archaic relic that’s going to die out, then let it. Why persecute it? Do these people not know Church history? The more Christians are persecuted and oppressed, the stronger they become.

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