No one will get left behind

No one will get left behind

Mark your calendars because the 2006 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress is coming. For those who don’t know, this is Cardinal Roger Mahony’s annual extravaganza of heterodoxy, liturgical abuse, and downright bad catechesis. Every liberal who’s anyone will be there.

In this week’s issue of the LA diocesan newspaper, we read about a local Catholic girls’ high school’s liturgical dance ensemble, which is getting ready to perform at the Youth Mass of the event.

After Communion at this year’s Youth Day liturgy, these young girls will prayerfully perform “Stand Up For Love” by Destiny’s Child. Chosen as the anthem for the United Nations-sponsored 2005 World Children’s Day, “Stand Up For Love” is a reminder that each person can make a difference to the children of the world—- to those who suffer and die every day as a result of starvation, abuse, AIDS and warfare.

“If we all stand together this one time, then no one will get left behind,” read the lyrics of the song. Marymount students—- through their movements, gestures and arabesques—- convey the belief that the world is obligated to “stand up for life, stand up and sing, stand up for love.”

In comparison to this dreck, even Marty Haugen is starting to look good. At least Haugen’s Communion hymns actually mention something related to the Eucharist. The evidence of the problem comes the reflections of one of the girls in the ensemble:

“I like it because it is a way to express yourself other than in using words or writing. ... You can become in touch with yourself and who you are and just find inner tranquility.”

As opposed to actual liturgical music which puts you in touch with God who is your external source of tranquility. This New Agey liturgical dance mumbo jumbo is all about self, a narcissistic vision that excludes God and focuses us on our own navels.

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Domenico Bettinelli