New(er) look

New(er) look

I’ve been fiddling with the layout for the blog recently. It was feeling very cluttered. Tim Harrison had originally given me a very nice re-design some time ago, but it’s become crufted and munged over time with my tinkering and various accretions. With my new lighter schedule of postings and shift in focus, I thought it was time to simplify.

So, I’ve removed many of the elements that were cluttering up the main page or trimmed them down. Gone are the Google News bar and the member sign-in. The latter is still on the comments page. Membership hasn’t been required for commenting for some time, but if you still have a membership and would like to comment while signed-in, you can do so there.

The Paypal buttons and front-page Google ad are gone too. No need for those right now.

I do know that some things don’t work correctly in Internet Explorer, like the new date bug that’s supposed to be at the upper left corner of the last post of the day. I’m tired of trying to compensate for Microsoft’s browser and since it’s mainly cosmetic, I’m not going to worry. If it bothers you, I’d suggest getting Firefox. It’s a much better browser and inherently more secure anyway.

If you see any serious problems, please let me know in the comments or, failing that, at my email address blog @ For your reference, this is what the page is supposed to look like.

Update: Okay it doesn’t look exactly like that. Something went wrong with the Twitter feed so it looks a little different. No big deal.

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Domenico Bettinelli