New Surgeon-General attacked for opinion on homosexuality

New Surgeon-General attacked for opinion on homosexuality

President Bush has nominated a new Surgeon-General and, as usual, liberals wants his scalp because he doesn’t embrace homosexuality as emblematic of all this is good and true in the world.

Dr. James Holsinger wrote in a paper in 1991 that homosexuality is unhealthy and unnatural. Well, when you get into the physical mechanics of it, um yeah, putting that, um, there is not healthy. In addition, two men or two women trying to have sex is unnatural since in fact sex is a procreative act and, by definition, sex between two men or two women is not procreative.

Ah, but for the sheer temerity of once stating what is blindingly obvious, Holsinger is to be tarred and feathered. Oh, and he is to be ridiculed because (snicker, snicker), he used an analogy that compared male and female genitalia to pipe fittings. Geez, people, grow up. It’s an analogy.

Holsinger, 68, presented “The Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality” in January 1991 to a United Methodist Church’s committee to study homosexuality. (Read the paper here.) The church was then considering changing its view that homosexuality violates Christian teaching, though it ultimately did not do so. Relying on footnotes from mainstream medical publications, Holsinger argued that homosexuality isn’t natural or healthy.

Meanwhile, the pundits are telling Bush that he should pull the nomination: “A confirmation fight is exactly what the administration does not need,” said Republican turncoat David Gergen. Actually, it is exactly what the administration needs. What Bush does not need is to appear to be distancing himself even further from his political base of conservatives, not after everything he’s done to spite conservative principles. And canning another major nominee because of his conservative views on homosexuality would do exactly that.

Let's not forget Jocelyn Elders

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  • Do-o-o-o-m (recognize the sound of a kid hopping on one foot there?):
    Did you watch the RI “marriage equality hearing” on May 16? I need to find a copy of that tape, if not. During that hearing, a DOMA supporter tried to answer a rep’s question about why he thought homosexual marriage was unnatural with an objective physical description, including health hazards, and he was halted with a sort of “Now, now, we don’t need to hear that. This discussion is not about sexual acts” response. As if…
    WE’RE crazy, right? Or are we just sexually obsessed? Yeah, that’s it.

  • Did the paper written by Dr Holsinger in 1991 contain any factually incorrect information? 

      “It’s a reflection of the available scientific data from the 1980s.

    How has the available, peer reviewed, scientific data changed from the 1980’s?

  • You’re onto something, Sharon.

    The fact remains that it is no more healthy for a man to engage in anal sex now than it was when Holsinger wrote his paper.

    This is another case of the intolerant, militant gay thought police foisting their self-serving agenda on everyone else.  They ARE what they claim to detest and I give them no credence whatsoever.