New Catholic search engine searches 1,000 Catholic web sites

New Catholic search engine searches 1,000 Catholic web sites

St. Blog’s Catholic version of Google is Tim Harrison of Sacred Heart Media, who has given us such wonderful tools as the Catholic blog search engine at, the personalized Catholic news portal,, the job search site,, and the very helpful, has yet another new service for the online Catholic community: (Tim also helped me with a recent re-design of my blog.)

The description of the new service is at Tim’s blog. What makes CatholicSearch different from CatholicBlogs is that while the latter is limited to just blogs, CatholicSearch will search over 1,000 Catholic web sites and only Catholic web sites. How many times have you gone to Google looking for something information on, say, Joan of Arc and ended up with all kinds of other irrelevant links cluttering up the results? With CatholicSearch you can just search Catholic sites.

Or, if you prefer to include the whole web, you can have it do a regular Google search of the whole Internet, while pushing the results from Catholic web sites to the top.

This is pretty cool. I know other people like to use, because they provide financial support to pro-life causes, but when you need to do a specialized search of just Catholic sites, and you need to find that information quickly, CatholicSearch may be just the ticket.

You don’t have one tool in your toolbox, so it makes sense to use different search engines for different purposes.

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