Mother Teresa’s sisters in Kabul

Mother Teresa’s sisters in Kabul

From one kind of toughness to another, the Missionaries of Charity have opened a chapterhouse in Kabul, Afghanistan. These sisters never shy away from the toughest places, and serving in the home of the Taliban and al Quaeda is very gutsy.

The nuns, who are of different nationalities, move around the city in their white and pale blue sari, clearly different from Afghan women who wear blue burqas. Their dress plainly shows to what religious group they belong. Many feared this might cause problems with local Islamists in a country that is 99 per cent Muslims.

“They have started helping children, whose situation in the country is really bad, and have already take in some street kids,” Father Moretti said.

The clergyman is certain that the “sisters of Mother Teresa will be respected and loved like the Little Sisters of Jesus who have been discretely working in hospitals in the country for 46 years and are well-loved by the Afghans.”

Some of my favorite articles over the years in Catholic World Report have been the annual “Father X” diaries, in which an anonymous priest recalls his Christmas visits with Missionaries of Charity houses in remote and forbidding places around the world. In 2002, it was an orphanage in Romania;  in 2003, Armenia; before that in 1999, Albania; another year it was in Egypt. Each year, we saw how the sisters showed Jesus’ unconditional love for each of God’s children and lived a life of austerity and peace even in the midst of danger, violence, poverty, and the worst impulses of the human condition. They are literally taking Christ to every place on earth and wherever they go, they bring the Holy Spirit with them (or as the case may be, the Holy Spirit precedes them and carries them along). Can you tell how much I love these sisters?

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli