More tax-funded gay indoctrination of Mass. youth

More tax-funded gay indoctrination of Mass. youth

This Saturday, Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick is going to be accepting an award at a “homosexual youth” event on Boston Common. While this is portrayed in the media as an opportunity for “differently gendered” youth to gather in a unbiased, unprejudiced atmosphere to celebrate their…… whatever, in reality it’s a taxpayer-funded deviant sex fest that preys on youth.

It’s called Youth Pride 2007 and their web site makes it sound so wholesome. However, all you need to do is see the photos from previous events.

The only way to advance their cause is to indoctrinate the next generation, either by convincing them that their confusion over their self-identity means they’re gay or by shaming and confusing straight kids into thinking that gay is okay.

Photos from last year’s event show transvestite men with teen boys, same-sex teens kissing, advertisements for private “play & dinner groups”, and plenty of other questionable activity. All for “youths.” Note that high school gay-straight alliance clubs attend these events, indoctrinating straight kids into seeing all this as eminently normal.

Photos from the 2005 event show it was no better. (Warning: some photos not safe for sensitive eyes— which says something, doesn’t it?) There’s a nice innocuous sounding antique car display, except it’s advertised as “Boys & their Toys” and the poster shows a naked man. Remember, this is a “youth” event. (More photos here.)

It’s important to recall that this isn’t just harming boys and girls who think they’re gay, but it indoctrinates all the youngsters—straight and gay. The effects of all this brainwashing was felt last week during the so-called national “Day of Silence” in which high school students pledge to stay silent all day to protest the supposed oppression of homosexual and lesbian students.

Hatred, violence in the name of tolerance

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  • Despite their rhetoric, out-n-proud homosexuals are all about kinky sex.  They’re addicted and they’ll do anything to get their ‘fix’, including taking advantage of children and lying about their agenda.

    They have to lie – how else can one explain that the entire country is suddenly “okay” with homosexuality.  Wake up, America!

  • These types of articles makes me mad, really mad.

    And the temptation is to hate these people, our enemies, but having been to the State Capitol a few times in defense of the Marriage Ammendment and having talked with the pro-gay people I have to remind myself that many if not most of them are victims of our culture.  Most of them are men and women in real emotional and psychic pain filled with hatred who hate themselves more than they hate us.

    We need to be careful that while we are fighting against this great evil we do not lose sight of the dignity of these individules.  They are slaves of sexual dipravity, but the best, and maybe the only, way to help them is to treat them with love as befits their human dignity, and thus remind them of this dignity, which so clearly they have forgotten.