Mom update again

Mom update again

Because some people have been asking, I wanted to let you know how my mom is doing after her knee surgery. We went up to Portland to visit on Friday and Saturday and were leaving just as my brother and his wife and their six kids arrived! I’m sure that was a whirlwind.

She sounds much better now since they switched from Oxycontin to Demerol. I think she was just having a really bad reaction to the Oxycontin which was causing her to appear drugged and groggy. It had been so bad that at one point, my sister was afraid she might have had a stroke.

But now she’s lucid and the pain is under control. She’s undergoing physical and occupational therapy and they have her walking with the aid of a walker. All in all, everything’s looking good. Will she do the other knee eventually? If you ask her today she’ll say no, but I think in a couple of months when the benefits of one new knee become apparent and the pain of the operation is a memory, then she’ll want the other one.