Mad World video

Mad World video

The email I received said that a student at Arizona State University named Brooke made this video for a class. Out of 50 films, this was the only one her professor wouldn’t show, apparently because of its pro-life content. Yet, he did allegedly show a film of woman having sex with a man resembling Jesus titled “Sleeping with God.” Nice.

Anyway, this short film, entitled “Mad World”, depicts the madness of our society when it comes to abortion. (The music is from the “Donnie Darko” soundtrack.)

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  • I seldom ever do this, and people who really know me know this is true, but I plan on sending a number of people to this video. Thank you for drawing our attention to it.

  • I watched this and was horrified at the idea; I thought I maybe then understood why the professor hadn’t allowed it.

    Then the end reminded me it was based on a true story; all agreement with the professor then ended on my part.

  • You know, I really don’t understand why the professor didn’t allow it.  It wasn’t really even an “anti abortion” film.  The woman didn’t plan to have an abortion.  It was a murder and the man was charged.

  • Janet,

    I totally understand why he didn’t allow it. The professor understood what we all did when we watched the film. It may not be ostensibly about abortion; but it points directly to our society’s schizophrenia on the subject. The only objective difference between this “murder” and a legal, acceptable abortion is the desire of the girl to keep the child, her “choice”. Because she did not consent it was murder.