Liveblogging: Theology of the Body, Part II

Liveblogging: Theology of the Body, Part II

Second talk is titled: The Creation and Redemption of Man and Woman.

To begin, Christ points us back to the beginning. Christ’s miracle at Cana points us back to Adam & Eve. In the beginning Adam and Eve were drunk on the wine of love of God. In the Song of Songs, the singer wants to take his beloved into the wine cellar to get her drunk on the wine of love. On Pentecost, the disciples were drunk on divine love but looked to the people like they were drunk on wine.

So in the Garden of Eden, Adam & Even “ran out of wine”, they ran out of divine love. Eros was cut off from Agape and all that’s left is lust, self-seeking desire. So Moses allowed divorce because of the hardness of heart, but from the beginning it was not so. (Matt 19:8). Christ came into the world to restore the “wine” of divine love.

Adam & Eve are “the model … for all men and women who, in any period, are united so intimately as to be ‘one flesh.’” (John Paul II)

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Domenico Bettinelli