Layoffs at Voice of the Faithful

Layoffs at Voice of the Faithful

As part of its inevitable slide into irrelevancy, Voice of the Faithful announced over the weekend that the national office staff “has been reorganized in light of financial and program changes.” In other words, they’re not raising enough money. Two office workers are leaving, apparently receptionists. This isn’t a major change (although they saw fit to make an announcement), but I think it’s an indicator.

I’ve long predicted that VOTF would fade away and end up as just another squeaky heterodox wheel. The reality is that the market is already full of dissenting groups and their primary demographic is white-haired liberals. That’s a declining base being increasingly spread thin.

It’s a far cry from their heyday when they claimed to be the new face of the Church and they entertained visions of re-structuring the Church as a democracy with power devolved to the laity, led by the VOTF leadership, of course. Keep dreaming.

How long before the next incarnation of this beast rises up?

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  • How long before the next incarnation of this beast rises up?

    Almost immediately.

    I read UnGodly Rage and Call to Apostasy. One of the things I learned is that all these organizations have many members in common. There is no difference among Call to Action, Future Church, VotF, Women’s Ordination Conference, Catholics for a Free Choice etc. It’s just a different head of the same hydra.

    Who showed up at the initial Boston meeting in the Hynes back in the summer of 2002 (or was it ‘03?).? It was made up of all these groups.

    I was onto VotF from the get-go. A so-called grassroots organization that suddently rents the giant convention center in town and features all the usual suspects and local lib-Cath dissenters. (How many presenters had degrees from Weston? Answer: too many.) Deb Haffner and prayers to God the Mother. C’mon.

  • Yes, the VOTF chapter in Mid-Michigan IS the CTA chapter.  The “two” groups hold “joint meetings.”  I’ve always wondered if they meant simultaneous meetings, but I’m not one of them and they probably throw me out so fast I’d never find out if I showed up.

    I got a big laugh when I found the notice on the web a couple of years ago.

  • BTW, the membership of these groups is incredibly small but they’re well-hooked-up.  Many work for the church, some are ex-nuns and know the right people, etc. 

    The laisson types need to be routed out and exposed for the fakes they are.