Kerry and the beer bong

Kerry and the beer bong

Who would have guessed that the first Massachusetts senator photographed with a beer bong wouldn’t be Ted Kennedy (with credit to Howie Carr)?

John Kerry, preparing for another tilt at the windmill in 2008 was in Iowa a couple of weeks ago hanging out with tailgaiting fans at the Iowa-Iowa State football game and photographed with a co-ed holding a beer bong up to him (photo at the first link above.) Imagine the cracks about the frat boy president if George W. Bush had been caught in a similarly compromising position. Imagine the outrage from anti-binge-drinking groups and anti-drunken-driving groups. Instead, a few conservative columnists and blogs pass the photo around and it will sink away out of sight. At least until the Democratic presidential primary season when another Democrat brings it back up a la Willie Horton. That should be interesting.

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  • Maybe so, maybe no.  If Bush had done it, it would be on the front page of every major news paper while the editors screaming that he resign and go into detox or people threatening to start impeachment proceedings.  Fair wouldn’t even enter in to it.