It’s all those mean men, sniffs feminist anti-Catholic blogger

It’s all those mean men, sniffs feminist anti-Catholic blogger

Amanda Marcotte, one of the two anti-Catholic trash-bloggers who quit as official bloggers for the John Edwards campaign, complains that the reason she had to leave was because of right-wing misogyny.

That two young feminist women were the targets of such a strenuous harassment campaign from bloggers and the Catholic League hints of more being at stake than scalp-collecting for conservatives. The posts that sent Donohue into a well-financed swoon were on topics such as the right to abortion, the right to contraception and gay rights. Donohue and the long list of culture warriors on the league’s board of advisors are dedicated to stomping out those very rights McEwan and I were defending. It’s unlikely they took issue with just the coarse, comedic vernacular that we used to defend those rights.

Ah yes, she falls on that old liberal tactic: when in doubt claim victim status. She doesn’t take any responsibility for what she actually wrote, even as she acknowledges them. In fact, she even puts scare quotes around the word “vulgar” as if she doesn’t understand what the big deal is. I’ll quote what is the least offensive of her statements that is still so blasphemous I hesitate to reprint it:

Q: What if Mary had taken Plan B after the Lord filled her with his hot, white, sticky Holy Spirit?

A: You’d have to justify your misogyny with another ancient mythology.

She defends the statement as typical of her “satirical tone”, it was intended to “mock a common rhetorical ploy of abortion opponents”, and was not intended to “mock anyone’s personal faith.” Of course. How could anyone be so sensitive as to find such a statement as offensive, blasphemous, and outrageous?

The willing self-blindedness, self-pitying, and narcissism are all too common among this generation of liberals. Melanie’s stories of her classroom encounters with other specimens of the type were especially chilling because they show potential graduates with all those qualities plus an ignorance of history and current events that is staggering. In a way, it’s too bad that Marcotte and McEwan resigned because their presence on a Democratic presidential campaign would have provided a daily education in the consequences of the policies espoused by that candidate and most of his party for the past 50 years.

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  • This all boils down to why I have no respect for most liberal bloggers or “thinkers.”  They seem to not understand that freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence.  Just because you think you’re right, doesn’t mean anyone else has to. 

    They should suck it up and shut up or expect more people to come down on them for their childish and dishonest comments.

  • I suggest we keep Ms. Marcotte and McEwan in our regular prayers. There is hate and anger in their hearts, so we need to pray that the anger will be removed.

    I had an experience with a local atheist who exhibited similar anger. Our paths crossed every now and then, and his obsession against those who hold a religious belief clearly induced him into some ugly rants.

    I kept him in my prayers for quite awhile, and recently he exhibited a change. Not that he is no longer an atheist, just that his anger has been replaced with something more rational.


  • It’s too bad Donohue raised a fuss so early about these two; they could have helped Edwards shoot himself in the foot for months.

  • I actually wrote a letter to the Edwards campaign. It was out of concern explaining I was Catholic and asked him and his staff to have a better understanding of Church’s teachings regarding women and natural family planning. Nothing smearful and it didn’t even direct reference the two bloggers, just sharing exactly what we believe as Catholics.

  • I believe that it was that great liberal, Hubert H. Humphrey, who said that right to be heard should not be confused with the right to be taken seriously.

  • Ahem. Those hate-filled bloggers do not represent all Democrats. And there are lots of politically homeless Democrats/Liberals right now, because they refuse to support abortion and gay marriage, etc.
    (Yes, I want violins!!!A few notes, in any case.) There are lots of Democrats who just want to FEED sheep and who don’t believe in KILLING their enemies. There are not enough of them, currently, to change the party. Most frustratingly, there are relatively few who can see that the slaughter of the unborn is not peaceful. I pray that the tide will turn, and I argue with my liberal friends and family in the meantime.
    Your prayers would surely help. You do need the liberals, you know. Conservatives without liberals would be like the Red Sox without the Yankees! Opposition is essential to your health and performance!