Is it bow or bow?

Is it bow or bow?


What is it about today’s first reading at Mass that so flusters lectors? To refresh your memory it’s the story of God’s covenant with Noah and his promise to put a “bow in the clouds” to serve a sign of that covenant.

That’s “bow” as in “rainbow” or “bow and arrow.” It’s not “bow” as in “the front of the boat” or “to bend at the waist.”

Yet for the past several times this reading has been read at Mass, the latter version is how the lector has pronounced it at several different parishes. Are they even listening to themselves? How does that even make sense?

I think it shows that they either don’t understand the reading themselves and/or that they didn’t spend any time reading it before standing at the ambo at Mass. Which, it’s apparent, is an all too common occurrence these days.

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