In the mail: A book and adult religious ed

In the mail: A book and adult religious ed

We’ve received two new books in the mail today. First is “The Authentic Catholic Woman” by Genevieve Kineke, who blogs at Feminine Genius. I think Melanie will be more interested in this than I will be, and so you should look to her blog for an eventual review.

The book uses the Church as Bride of Christ as the model for authentic Catholic womanhood: mother, bride, spouse, teacher, sacrament, font of wisdom, source of culture, life-giving sanctuary. Interesting. You usually see Mary used as a model for Catholic womanhood (which is entirely appropriate), so using the Church as model is a nice change.

Also in the mailbag, a new workbook from the Ignatius Press and Ave Maria University from the “Catholic Faith Explorers”, an adult education series. (Mark Shea is co-author of several of them including “Today’s Disciples: The Essential Role of the Laity in the Church”.) It looks like an effort to provide a high-quality alternative to all the mushy adult ed stuff out there. It’s Catechism-based and looks solid. It doesn’t appear groundbreaking at first glance, but it could be a helpful tool for some parishes.

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