Illegals as volunteers, Si. Fingerprinting, No.

Illegals as volunteers, Si. Fingerprinting, No.

It’s a matter of priorities. When the dioceses of Los Angeles and Orange in California wanted to fingerprint volunteers for criminal background checks, critics were told that it was “for the children” and that concerns about civil liberties and being treated as guilty until proven innocent were unwarranted and ignored the important safety issues at stake.

However, when someone at the diocese realized that it would mean fingerprinting illegal immigrants suddenly those concerns evaporated.

The dioceses had pledged to do the fingerprint background checks as a way to prevent pedophiles from working with children. But church leaders said the background checks could prevent illegal immigrants from volunteering, since they lack government-issued photo IDs, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Instead, volunteer candidates without photo IDs in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are allowed to give a sworn affidavit stating that they have not been convicted of any crime, officials said. In Orange, they can provide a sworn affidavit and two character reference letters.

Well, I guess as long as they promise they aren’t perverts, it’s okay. Because, no one would lie about such a thing, and of course there are no violent felons or deranged folks among illegal immigrants. Every single one of them is a saint in the mold of Mother Teresa, at least if you believe the lefty propaganda. Here’s how the conversation goes:

    Diocesan official: Are you a pervert?
    Pervert: No
    Diocesan official: Okay, here’s your religious education class.

Apparently, the political correctness of overlooking illegal immigration trumps child protection programs. It’s good to know the hierarchy of priorities involved.

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  • The overt and unapologetic Leftism of the hierarchy astounds me.  Very hard for me to donate to the organization.  Why the average Catholic doesn’t see that our Church, as presently manned, works against his/her best interests is beyond me.