How’s the weather?

How’s the weather?

The great thing about New England weather is not it’s consistently pleasant. (It’s not.) It’s that it has such variety. Whereas other places are always sunny and warm year round (except when experiencing the occasional catastrophic weather event) and still other places are always cold and yet other places are always very warm in the summer and always very cold in the winter, New England eschews all those norms.

Thus today, on the last day of November, it is currently 66 degrees outside. That’s right 66. The beautiful thing is that it could just as easily be snowing and 32 degrees. In fact, the weather is so variable, in as little as 24 hours we could have both. The beauty of New England weather is its amazing diversity.

Now remind me to re-read this post at the end of February after we’ve had eight straight weeks of near zero temperatures and overcast rainy and/or snowy skies.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli