How to talk to kids about homosexuality

How to talk to kids about homosexuality

Over at The Whispering Rose, Katherine notes an article in Parenting magazine that discusses how to talk to your pre-schooler about sensitive topics, and one of those is what to do when your child asks about homosexuality. You might guess that Parenting‘s approach isn’t that of the orthodox Catholic parent: “In Ginny’s family, her two mommies love each other the way that Daddy and I do. So they live together, and both take care of Ginny.” Erm, no. But Katherine offers her advice on the way she’d handle the question:

Some people believe that a family doesn’t need a mommy and a daddy but God told us that that is not true. Every child should have a mommy and a daddy and it is not good or right to try to replace a mommy with another daddy or a daddy with another mommy. Some people think doing that is okay but it causes confusion and does not make God happy so we should always pray for such people. However, Ginny did not choose to have two mommies so you should not be mean to her but remember that because she does have two mommies, she might think different things than you do.

I’d say that about covers it. You certainly don’t want to get too deeply into the topics that might strip away the innocence of a little child. Unfortunately, our society seems bound and determined to do so whether we like it or not, which is another reason none of my children will ever go to a public school. Not the way things are now.

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  • My daughter in preschool was read a book about some families have two mommies and some families have two daddies.  I questioned the director of the private school and I was treated as if I simply saw homosexuality in that innocent page and that no other parents did.  So I decided to find out what other parents thought. 

    I sent a letter explaining the health dangers associated with homosexuality and a reference to the Bay Windows article “Show and Tell” the plan for indoctrination of preschoolers.

    One set of parents were outraged that they had not ever been told about this by the director of the school.  Two others were outraged at my “hate” letter because the director would never do any harm to our children.  One father in passing (not in response to my letter) mentioned that it was wrong and that he and his wife did not know and another father in passing said he and his wife are more “liberal” but would “support” my wife and I because he believed that we (meaning my wife and I—not so much him and his wife) should have been told beforehand.  State law requires that we be told beforehand.

    Of 29 families only these 3 responded to my letter.  And two others inadvertantly gave an opinion.  That leaves 24 families that are either too afraid to identify which side they are on, disinterested/absent from parenting, confused or liberal.  Amazing.

    We have not hit bottom yet.

    Public School, private school, . . . eventually Catholic School, because if the Cardinal won’t stand up for kids being adopted, he won’t stand up for schoolchildren going to Catholic school.  And someday if we are lucky, we will be like Germany where you will not be able to homeschool your children with your Christian indoctrination of “hate speech.”

  • God help us all.  To even have imagined that we would have become such a degenerate society as to need to discuss homosexuality with preschool children would have been a hellish thought.  It seems as if the gates of hell have opened wide.  One need not look further than the to slavish and fawning media and corporate coverage of all things popularly perverse.

  • JH took the words right out of my mouth. Talk about sowing mass confusion in the minds of the young, well it doesn’t get any worse than this.

    The fact that a parent of a preschool age child has to be prepared to discuss a subject like this with their child is utterly depraved and downright insidious.

    And this is another major reason why we homeschool.

  • Speaking of two mommies…

    When we first to MA in 1998.  In 1999 my daughter played on a town league basketball team.

    One of the girls in the league always had these two women rooting for her.  So me, Mr. Naive, asked which was her mom. 

    One said “I’m her mom”, the other said, “I adopted her”.  Well since I just came off 8.5 years as an Army officer, and 6 years in the Midwest, I asked:  “so which of you was married to her dad?”  I just got a strange look.

    SO later I asked my daugther:  “What’s the story with Emily?”.

    She told me… are you ready…


    Imagine that! Blew me away.

    Emily is now 17 years old.

    My daughter Lauren will be 16 in September.  She is now entering her 4th year of HomeSchooling.  I recommend it for all who want to protect their kids.

  • Just think of how much money will be poured into this kind of LGBT education starting in September in “Early Childhood” as the Mass. LGBT Early Childhood Education Initiative does, with the override vote of Gov. Romney’s veto of the funds in Item #4513-1130-(DPH)-up to $1.25 million, Item # 4590-0250(DOE)-$250,000,Section 4-Permanent Committee for Gay and Lesbian Youth, and Item #7010-0005(DOE)-$150,000. The Mass.LGBT Early Childhood Education Initiative was a featured presentation on June 14,2006, at the Mass. Assoc. for the Education of Young Children(NAEYC)( This organization states that “the seminars are being co-sponsored by EEC,United Way of Mass.,MAEYC, Massachusetts Department of Education and their community college partners.” Another curriculum to note is “Beyond the Binary: A Tool Kit for gender Identity Activism in Schools which is “a collaborative project of Gay-Straight Alliance Network,Transgender Law Center, and the national Center for Lesbian Rights.” ( for Beyond the Binary was made possible by generous grants from, among other foundations, the Gill Foundation.  I believe that the Gill Foundation is the Foundation now headed by Patrick Guerrero(I’m not sure of the spelling!) who used to be the head of the Republican Log Cabin. I understand that the Gill Foundation pours money into MassEquality in the same way that the Human Rights Campaign does.  I know that there are representatives who, when they run or rerun for office, receive substantial funds from MassEquality which uses the funds they are given by these very generous foundations. Is it any wonder why so many representative voted to override the Governor’s veto of the GLBT budget items!

  • P.S.  To read about Beyond the Binary use the YAHOO search.  The saddest thing about this whole curriculum planning is that there are so few parents who know anything about the movement and the media certainly keeps it secret since they are not even reporting about the override vote for the funding of these programs that will benefit from the $2 million that will be put into this kind of ‘education’ that is currently taking place!

  • Rochelle

    3 words

    Little Black Book

    Who are the ones doing the harming?