How to talk to kids about homosexuality

How to talk to kids about homosexuality

Over at The Whispering Rose, Katherine notes an article in Parenting magazine that discusses how to talk to your pre-schooler about sensitive topics, and one of those is what to do when your child asks about homosexuality. You might guess that Parenting‘s approach isn’t that of the orthodox Catholic parent: “In Ginny’s family, her two mommies love each other the way that Daddy and I do. So they live together, and both take care of Ginny.” Erm, no. But Katherine offers her advice on the way she’d handle the question:

Some people believe that a family doesn’t need a mommy and a daddy but God told us that that is not true. Every child should have a mommy and a daddy and it is not good or right to try to replace a mommy with another daddy or a daddy with another mommy. Some people think doing that is okay but it causes confusion and does not make God happy so we should always pray for such people. However, Ginny did not choose to have two mommies so you should not be mean to her but remember that because she does have two mommies, she might think different things than you do.

I’d say that about covers it. You certainly don’t want to get too deeply into the topics that might strip away the innocence of a little child. Unfortunately, our society seems bound and determined to do so whether we like it or not, which is another reason none of my children will ever go to a public school. Not the way things are now.

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